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1984 Dodge Ram 50

This was my dad's truck, which he bought new. Manufactured for Chrysler by Mitsubishi Motors. Originally it was silver with red graphics, he eventually painted it a woodland camouflage pattern, then finally the flat black seen here. I didn't drive this one much, I didn't particularly like it when it was new, but I liked it better once it got older (it rattled and clanged, like what I think of a truck).

Fuel tank needed replaced, when it needed replaced a second time and broke the fuel pump my dad converted it to gravity feed by fastened a plastic marine fuel tank atop the sideboard just behind driver door and connected it to the fuel line. Numerous mechanical problems and hasn't been ran for several years.

Currently rotting in the back yard.

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2.6 Liter 4 cylinder
Automatic transmission (3 speed w/ floor shift)
Power steering
Power brakes
AM/FM stereo w/ two door mounted speakers
Trip odometer

(2) Goodyear Rally GT tires (yup, the same Goodyear rubbers used on two of my previous vehicles)
Two-way VHF radio w/ 1/4 wave antenna
40 channel CB radio w/ threaded antenna mounting base on roof
Sonic deer whistle (in driver side grill)
GE halogen low beam units (leaky housings which now allow moisture entry)
Marine fuel tank (small, plastic)

Fuel economy:  ? mpg
Top speed: unknown?  80+ mph

Purchase price:     (will have to dig out the title)

Original music in MIDI and MP3 files, Comanche Gold & U.S. Navy Fighters Gold missions, Need for Speed 3 cars, MS Flight Simulator aircraft textures, Steel Panthers II maps, web graphics
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