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1970 Dodge Challenger

Bought this car used for $600 (US) as a second vehicle, already had the '73 Dodge van , but wanted something a bit faster. The tires were badly worn. Both rear frames (between rear axle and bumper) were broke and needed welded. Heck, I could take a screwdriver and punch holes in the frame. The side pipes blew out, the hi-beam headlights blinked (*real fun on a dark night at 120+ mph*) and the paint was heavily oxidized, but looked really nice after a couple bottles of Starbrite polish and a bit of elbow grease.

Then there was the front right fender, which was apparently notorious for rusting out on that particular model. It was amazing how many people approached me, wanting to buy the car, just for that dang fender, unfortunately mine was shot too, but I kept doing body work on it and it didn't look half bad, at least from a distance.

The previous owner had either been afraid of it, or couldn't afford the gas and had disconnected the secondaries on the carburetor, which was a real thrill to discover after driving it for about a week on just the primaries. After connecting the secondaries it would smoke the tires through all three gears.

The driver side door got out of alignment (flew open going around a corner), so I started climbing in and out the window (just like the "Dukes of Hazard"). Was a bit of a nuisance when it rained.

I replaced the worn Firestone rubber and the peeling Cragar wheels with the Goodyear Rally GT tires on Superior wheel from my previous car, a '73 Dodge Charger .

The second Summer the engine developed a heavy knock, apparently due to a failing oil pump, leading eventually to total engine failure. All things considered this Challenger was really just a good looking piece of junk, but boy was it fun (albeit dangerous) to drive.

Left this car behind, in our field, when we moved.

driver side w/ Cragers & side pipes - 37 KB     driver side door open - 55 KB     interior - 47 KB     under the hood - 64 KB
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340 CID V8 small block LA engine
727 Torqueflight automatic transmission (3 speed w/ Slap Shift in center console)
Carter Thermoquad carburetor
Power steering
Power brakes (drum/drum)

as purchased:
    Transmission shift kit
    Race pistons
    Steeper grind camshaft
    Rear air shock absorbers
    Hood pins

added by me:
    welded and reinforced rear frame sections
    15" Superior slotted mag wheels w/Goodyear Rally GT
    foam pre-filter
    (2) 55w driving lights 3x6"
    Dual Trush mufflers
    (2) Red marker lights just behind rear axle

Fuel economy: 7 - 17 mpg
Top speed: unknown? estimated at about 150 - 160 mph
1/4 mile: approx. 15.2 seconds @ 89 mph

Original music in MIDI and MP3 files, Comanche Gold & U.S. Navy Fighters Gold missions, Need for Speed 3 cars, MS Flight Simulator aircraft textures, Steel Panthers II maps, web graphics
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